The Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing (ICP) group was formed to foster intergovernmental procurement opportunities in the Portland Metro area.  The group consists of various public agencies as well as numerous informal participants.  The group meets regularly to hear various speakers, receive updates from the Oregon State Procurement Office, share information on new contracts and projects with cooperative language and to seek joint or permissive cooperative procurement opportunities.

ICP Meeting Calendar
Please view our calendar for information on meeting times and email Annie.Teav@multco.us if you would like to attend or have questions.

ICP Documents
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If you do not have access or have any questions, please email Annie.Teav@multco.us or Cate.Antisdel@portlandoregon.gov.

ICP Meeting Agendas and Notes
October 2016 Agenda / October 2016 Notes – November 2016 Agenda / November 2016 Notes
January 2017 Agenda / January 2017 Notes – February 2017 Agenda / February 2017 Notes / September 2017 Agenda / September 2017 Notes

ICP Master Contracts List
ICP Contracts List

National Contracts and Price Agreements List
Contracts and Price Agreements

Additional Information
Columbia Chapter Intergovermental Cooperative Agreement Changes in Cooperative Procurement Process

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