About our group: The Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing (ICP) group aims to foster collaboration in public procurement in the Portland Metro area. The group meets regularly to share information on new contracts and projects, learn from guest presenters, coordinate joint or permissive cooperative procurement opportunities and receive updates from the Oregon State Procurement Office.

ICP Meeting Calendar: We welcome you to join our upcoming meetings and events if you work in public purchasing!

Google Drive for ICP Documents: This folder contains cooperative contracting resources like flow charts, training documents from member agencies, and meeting notes.

Looking for a cooperative contract?

Please check out the resources section where you’ll find our ICP contracts list among many resources.

CoProcure, a mission-driven startup, is a one-stop-shop for members to find and use cooperative contracts from local, state, regional and national cooperatives. Search contracts from ICP members and beyond using the search bar below:

  • Enter any keyword (contract number, lead agency, or vendor, or commodity/service) and click “submit.”
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your email address when using the database for the first time.
  • Refine your search further with more detail; if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can submit a research request for free assistance identifying relevant contracts.

Share Cooperative Contracts!
We need your help in providing access to contracts from your agency (bid solicitations, contracts, amendments and renewals).  The more contract documents we collect, the more we can help members save time and money through collaboration.  We hope to help agencies share all contracts, as even contracts that are not cooperative can inform opportunities for cost savings and collaboration across our membership. 

ICP and Cooperative Contracts List
View lists of local and national contracts that contain cooperative language at the link above. If you have contracts to add or change on the ICP Cooperative Contracts spreadsheet, please email the info to Cate or Annie (emails are below).


Additional resources:

Cooperative Contracting Consortiums: Click here for a list of some cooperative Contracting resources.


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Have additional questions or want to  join our email list? Please email Celeste.King@homeforward.org

Welcome to our 2020 Chapter President, ELVIS CARTER!!
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