EPP Basics

Meaningful Claims

Environmentally preferable or sustainable procurement can encompass a variety of product or service attributes – basically, any attribute that can demonstrate a reduced environmental or human health impact over the life-cycle of the product or service.  That’s a lot of options!  With all the potential EPP claims out there, how do you navigate what is meaningful?  Ask vendors/manufacturers for proof.  Do not take claims at face value.  Proof can be a third-party certification, independent lab tests, or other detailed documentation.

Common Environmentally Preferable/Sustainable Procurement Product or Service Attributes

  • Energy Efficient (Energy Star certified)
  • Recycled Content (the higher the % post-consumer the better)
  • Water Efficient (Water Sense labeled)
  • Fuel Efficient
  • Least-Toxic Ingredients (Green Seal, EcoLogo certified)
  • Responsibly Harvested (FSC certified)
  • Minimized Packaging
  • Readily Recyclable (product & packaging)
  • Rapidly Renewable (energy or materials)
  • Responsible Recycling (e.g. ewaste recycling)
  • LEED Certified Building Rating System (use for construction or A/E services)
  • Sweatshop-Free Labor
  • Supplier Diversity
  • Locally-Owned Vendors Supplying “Green” Products/Services
  • Reduced Emissions (Air, Water, Land)

Additional/Helpful Background Information

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