EPP Legislation

State of Oregon

1.5% for Solar Technology in Public Buildings

Executive Order No. 06-02 Sustainability for the 21st Century

ORS 279A.120 Preference for Oregon goods and services; nonresident bidders

ORS 279A.125 Preference for recycled materials

ORS 279A.128 Preference for agricultural product produced and transported within state

ORS 279B.025 Procurement practices regarding recyclable and reusable goods

ORS 279B.225 Condition concerning salvaging, recycling, composting or mulching yard waste material

ORS 279B.240 Exclusion of recycled oils prohibited

ORS 279B.270 State contracting agencies to use recovered resources and recycled materials; notice to prospective contractors

ORS 279B.275 Purchase of goods containing recycled polyethylene material

ORS 279B.280 Use of recycled products when economically feasible

State of Washington

Example EPP/Sustainable Procurement Policies from Other Oregon/SW WA Agencies

City of Bend

City of Eugene

City of Portland

Clark County

Multnomah County

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