Pay Annual Membership Dues

Welcome to Columbia Chapter’s Membership dues page.

Below you can you select full year or half year membership and will see a space to enter your Invoice Number.  If you are only paying for one invoice, enter the invoice number into the space.  If you are paying for more than one invoice, enter each invoice – followed by a ‘comma’ and then the next invoice – followed by a ‘comma’ until all invoice numbers have been entered.  This will allow us to keep track of which memberships are being paid for, and to track your payment.

After the invoice numbers(s) are entered, click “Pay Now”.  This will direct you to a screen where you will enter the quantity of memberships you are paying for, and then to a screen to enter your credit card information.  You do not have to have a membership with Paypal in order to use the site to pay your dues.

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