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Our 25th Anniversary 1984~2009

Pursuing the highest standards of Public Procurement through Education & Cooperation

NIGP National Certificate of Recognition for 25 Years of Service

Original Columbia Chapter Charter
Priliminary Meeting Minutes for forming the Columbia Chapter

Twenty-five years ago, in February 1983, twenty-five forward-thinking procurement professionals signed a Charter with the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing, forming a provisional Chapter of NIGP in the Portland/Vancouver area.  The Chapter would be called the Columbia Chapter.

They took this step to provide educational opportunities to purchasing officers in the area, that would help further their personal and professional development in the public procurement field.  It was a goal of these founding individuals that the formation of this Chapter would also provide an avenue for certification that is nationally recognized by professional public purchasers and public agencies.

The Columbia Chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) is a local not-for-profit education and research organization dedicated to helping governments manage tax dollars wisely.  The chapter consists of members from the Portland Metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

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