Phenomenal of the United States Women's National Soccer Team

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jeriko asked 2 years ago

On July 7, 2019, the US women’s national soccer team boasts its fans by winning their fourth World Cup. During the tournament, this soccer team made headlines. As CBS News reports, the USWNT shirt is now the best-selling football shirt from Nike. Over the years, USWNT has indeed worked hard to become a champion. Then what makes them so talented and tenacious? Let’s take a closer look at the US women’s national soccer team.
As Sports Illustrated said, the US women’s national soccer live football match today team was founded in 1985 when the US Football Federation received an invitation to Mundialito, an informal women’s tournament in Italy. Seventeen college players received letters to attend team trials. Their coach is an Irish-born college coach. At that time, the experienced Team from Denmark, Italy, and England mercilessly beat up the inexperienced USWNT. The US women’s team participated in four tournaments during the 1980s. But over time, they continue to learn from mistakes, and gradually they get better.
As reported by the Guardian, the US women’s soccer team is so reliable because of the Education Amendment Act of 1972, in the provisions of its Title IX. Title IX minimizes the occurrence of discrimination in the education system that is applied to all educational programs, including sports. So every school must fund a sports program for girls, which gives female students in America access to athletic activities.
Although Title IX is a controversial law, it still continues to this day, its existence encouraging all girls to exercise. Football is becoming a great sport. In 1972, there were only 700 high school level soccer players in the US. At the time of the first Women’s World Cup in 1991, there were 121,000 female players, and by 2018 the number had tripled. What’s more, this applies to other sports too. In fact, the Guardian states that Title IX has helped the US education system to become “the most successful women’s sports development organization in the world.”

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