Americans really like sports and everything that smells of entertainment

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sigito asked 2 years ago

It\’s no secret that Americans really like sports and everything that smells of entertainment alias entertainment. One that makes Americans crazy about is football or American football. In the United States the term football is used by American live football match today and the term soccer in America is called soccer. If in Europe and Asia this football has many extraordinary fans, then in the United States this is the opposite, Urbaners. This football television show in the United States has the lowest rating of all sports. If you notice, almost all sports in the United States have large scores. Just look at the NBA, the end result can reach 100 more points. Same is the case with American Football, where one touchdown is 6 points and if added to kick in it will be worth 3. So, don\’t be surprised when you see the score in the NFL (National Football League) reaching 30 to 40 points. In soccer it is the opposite of sports in the United States. There are very few goals in this soccer match, sometimes even this soccer match can end without a goal. And just information, all sports matches in the United States do not recognize the word series because there must be a winner. Yup, the second reason is fantasy. In the United States, a lot of people are crazy about playing fantasy, which is choosing every player per team who competes to get the highest score. Although now soccer, especially the English League also has a Fantasy Premier League, this fantasy tradition in America has been started since the 1960s! The next interesting thing from analysis is that American Football shows its exclusive side. Just imagine that soccer fans do exist all over the world, but for American Football it is enough in the United States. This can show as fans or fans of an exclusive side because of a different view. Until now the big sports teams in the United States did not have to bother marketing outside the United States. What about your opinion, Urbaners, is there another logical reason why football, which is the number one sport in the world, can lose to American football?

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