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2018 Scholarship Application

Scholarship Program Recipient Testimonials

“The Forum Scholarship has helped my career by reinforcing the lessons learned in my review of the CPPB materials, by helping cement contacts with other procurement professionals and by helping motivate me to do my job better.”
-Mike Wolfson, Procurement Specialist at The City of Vancouver

“The biggest perk of attending Forum was the networking.  I met so many people, from all over the United States and Europe, who do the same kind of things I do.  I’ve aways thought I wouldn’t have much in common with other purchasing folks because we would have such different challenges.  While each of us has our own special challenges, there are a lot of challenges that everyone has the opportunity to overcome.”
-Lynn Waite, Contract Specialist at Multnomah County

“The educational workshops and various sessions offered a wide variety of topics taught by experienced procurement professionals from all around the country.”
-Louise Tamiesie, Prequalification Program Specialist at The City of Portland

“I attended several sessions featuring Columbia or OPPA chapter speakers, we still have the best speakers in the country right here so woohoo to us!!  As always, these types of events offer an excellent opportunity to network with other Purchasing folks from around the country, many of whom I’ve shared and sought knowledge from.”
Barry Zimmerman, Procurement & Contracts Supervisor at Multnomah County

Scholarship Program Questions?

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Rewards Program Documents

Rewards Program Policy & Procedures
Rewards Redemption Request Form
2017 Application for Rewards

Rewards Program Questions?

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